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Mission, Vision, and Beliefs

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The mission of Saluda River Academy for the Arts is to inspire, empower, and advance every student to meet high academic standards, lead healthy, ethical lives, and be responsible and innovative global citizens.


VISION (Where We Want to Be)

Saluda River Academy for the Arts will prepare all students for the world of the future by giving them a broad spectrum of opportunities to become college and career ready.  All will be productive and responsible members of society, capable of competing in the global economy and motivated to pursue lifelong learning.



BELIEFS (What Guides Us)


We believe high expectations inspire high performance.


We believe in order to advance every student each staff member must contribute to the community of learning by doing whatever is necessary to ensure the welfare of the whole child (academic, social, physical, emotional).


We believe learning in a healthy, safe, positive, nurturing environment where students are actively engaged in learning is our priority.


We believe each of us is unique and we can learn from each other; therefore, diversity must be embraced and celebrated.


We believe supportive partnerships must be formed with all stakeholders (faculty, staff, parents, students, and the community) for optimal learning to occur and each partner shares in the responsibility for student success.


We believe if we are to enable students to become self-confident and self-directed lifelong learners, we must strive for continuous improvement and seek out strategies that will ensure achievement.


We believe literacy is an essential life skill, and reading proficiency by third grade is critical for the academic success of all students.


We believe a well-rounded education enables students to lead productive, fulfilling, creative, and culturally rich lives.  Students need to appreciate and be able to express themselves through the Arts.

Lexington 2's Performing Arts Center
In December 2021, Dance, Music, and Theatre students were invited to perform at Lexington 2's Performing Arts Center Groundbreaking Ceremony. District, state, and school personnel attended this event as well as several local media sources!