News & Announcements

5th Grade PTO performance

On October 22nd, fifth grade students showed what they know about the 1920’s through Visual Art, Creative Writing, Dance, Music, and Theatre during a PTO Night!

A look at Artists-in-Residence Week!!

During the week of October 8-12, 2018, students had the opportunity to spend quality class time with four professional artists who are actively practicing artists, dancers, actors, and musicians.

Hurricane Closing

Under the direction of South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, Lexington School District Two will be closed until further notice, as South Carolina prepares for Hurricane Florence. You will continue to receive updates on the status of Lexington Two school closings through email, calls, and district and school websites and social media.

SRAA Transitioning Back to 1520 Duke St

The SRAA Team is excited to begin transitioning back to our beautifully renovated 1520 Duke St. address. Please bare with us as phone lines are down currently. We will keep you informed with updates. Don't forget to join us for Early Bird Registration on August 2nd from 7-11:30 and 1:30-6:30 at Our Savior Lutheran Church. See you then!
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