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About Ms. Land

I am Jess Land, SRAA's Librarian. I received my master's degree in Library and Information Science from the University of South Carolina in 2018 and have a bachelors degree in English, Creative Writing from Winthrop University.
This is my second year at SRAA and I am so excited to teach and learn with your students this year! 
My Mission: 

My goal as SRAA’s school librarian is to assist students in learning through the use of technology and books, particularly, to impart a love of reading and an understanding of its importance to them. I sought out this profession because of a passion for books, for knowledge, and for learning; but it also incorporates everything I love about making and maintaining a space where individuals are encouraged to explore, to create, and to have fun.

As a school librarian, I have the power to show students how amazing learning can be. Being an educator in the library brings a great deal of flexibility and librarians are fortunate to be able to create programming that is as exciting and fun as it is educational. I strive to do this every day with my students.

In an increasingly digital world, I am also responsible for teaching my students how to navigate new technologies, assess the information they find, and use and share information ethically.

I will also gladly serve as a support to my teachers with my ability to help incorporate books and media into their lessons, provide professional development, and participate as a co-teacher through collaborative projects that will enhance student learning and understanding.